domingo, 16 de mayo de 2010

Your Lifeless Body is my

As you must already know dearest darnelle , I am here , writing into the air , wherever the electricity in the air may carry you , the words for no reason, will stay still somewhere , at some point in time, and blah blah.
Following into the steps of a certain Spaniard with a gall and nerve applied unto His writing , " me cago en la Hostia" . A statement of standing in a front line and going a bit further with the idea than initially intended, call it subversive and inane . It is what it is.
Through a couple of days of lazy interaction with others alike, the sterility of no lesson learned , grips my wrist as a last breath of a life interrupted. A farce with no direction and a will weak of purpose , for its ideal has mutated to retardation of conception.
Give me no dealing with fools and undoing of rules , I rather stick to my guns and treat the deserving ones as they marked on their trajectory towards us. Must I muffled their every fall from grace? I find it my duty to covet and disguise their inability to cope with the magnitude of WE. Me feeling so almighty should be a worry , nonetheless my vanguards ability ( if have any at all) to make out a shape in the fog , shall prove me right on this one . I do not want the ambiguity of that farce , to become a habit. I rather scare you off to the confines of another skirt of forest but mine. I must grow a vesicle to milk out enough puss to cover your crepe before you devour it. I am so full of shit myself. I should grant you a bit of intellect and allow you a big margin of error , for you have erred very bloody often before us, accustomed I might say we have become . Go ahead , either cleanse yourself of the dirt you have gathered through all this inert time or step aside and fuss no more , demonstrate none of what you don't ever believe in . I have gathered not enough knowledge to teach you and thus relieve you of the darkness you keep company with. Stray away from my route because I have become tired of the clown act you perform so very often, I might one time be no so gracious and just send you to oblivion.

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